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No time for acting

There is no trophy for “acting” like you have it together when there are resources available to get it together.

“Fake it til you make it“has hurt many people because it becomes more difficult to identify who you are the longer you take. If you are bleeding you must care for a wound to promote healing.

1. Identity your strengths

2. Build UP your strengths

3. Identify your weaknesses and let your strengths outweigh them and then build the areas that are weakened.

This requires honesty and support.

Stop letting the pride of others perpetuate your decisions. “Don’t show that you need help.” “Don’t let them see you sweat.”

No one? Is there no one that you can share your vulnerabilities with? You don’t need a YES corner that will agree with everything that you say. You need an accountability partner that will help dust off your greatness and help you to bring your vision in focus.

Every physician needs one of his own. Stay fresh and sharp in your mental health. The clutter causes fog and the longer it’s unaddressed the originating point becomes blurry.

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