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I could have never imagined that my storytelling troupe days as a youngster would have stirred the writer in me. I love poetry and the arts but writing is a place of Freedom for me. If I can write it- I can resolve it. After over 25 years of experience in human and community services, as a paid professional and volunteer; I center my focus on building and nurturing healthy relationships and conflict resolution. My personal journey of healing from traumatic events and experience with others in the community has helped to increase my knowledge and skill set.  As a coach, I have been able to help others recognize hidden and manifest talents and boost confidence and morale.  If we start with the inner struggle of change and transformation we can affect our entire world. 

Lakeisha Stevenson, Author


Book Reviews

In “The Pebble In The Pond” LaKeisha Stevenson has strategically outlined the process to the purpose and the journey to successfully navigate IT! As you read, IT will transform the what, the why and the how, causing greater results, faster, increasing productivity levels personally & professionally. LaKeisha shares clues and signs to avoid missteps and unintended collateral damage. This blueprint will empower readers that execute the plan to live on purpose through life’s experiences. No matter the IT-impact you’ll be positioned as a thought leader today and into the future!


Thank you LaKeisha for the model, live on purpose and respond to IT with actions of integrity, urgent execution and a commitment to help others win!

~Dr. Stephen E. White, Author of "The 5 Essentials to Win"

Lakeisha Stevenson has a depth of wisdom that has allowed her clients to win at overcoming the obstacles and challenges brought on by trauma. While a pebble in the pond is a small metaphor, it holds gigantic weight in the lives of those who are trapped and haunted by trauma. The only way for one to be free is to acknowledge that they were bound.


For some readers, this book will be an eye-opener, for others, it will serve as a confirmation. Nevertheless, if you follow and put into action the wisdom and revelation written on these pages, the generations to come after you will thank you greatly. Make a choice to be bigger and better by understanding the mandate for resolution.

~Jesse Stevenson, Pastor Revive Church of Rockland

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