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Meet Our Coach: Coaching

Coach Keisha

Founder/CEO On Purpose Lyfe, LLC

Personal Development/Spiritual Coach

Leverage Your Strengths.Over 25 years of human and community services experience. Personalized curriculum. Strong interpersonal skills. Trauma Informed Care. Trained in Conflict Resolution.

Decision-Making Strategies

Focus on What’s Important!

Overcome any obstacle. Re-Write your story. She knows all too well about re-writing a story. Growing up in a single family home for the first decade of her life, born to a teenage mother, she learned to lead well early and took the obstacles that came and chose to overcome them.  Proven methods to help you implement better processes.

Leadership Development

Achieve What You Want!

Management  and Entreprenuership Experience. Lead and served on many teams in various roles. 

Identify and sharpen potential.

Author/Public Speaker

Workshop Facilitator, Retreat Organization, Seminars, Poet, Published Author.

It's a passion to speak to people whether in small groups or a crowded room. 


Community Relationships.  Certified Victim's Advocate, Resources and  Support Groups.

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