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Game changer

Sooo, of Course with Covid-19 changes we ALL are making changes whether we were prepared for them or not.

We have all had to shift our ideas, challenge ourselves to do something different and make the very best of it.... it’s been good to change and see it working for our good.

God knew all of this was coming before it reached and if you stop and live in the present- you are Okay.

Covid- 19 has been a game changer, so make your best moves.

In the midst of a pandemic my sophomore book has been released, The Pebble in the Pond:Entry Points and Conflicts that Cause ripple Effects In Your Life.”

We are hosting VIRTUAL BOOK CLUBS, the first one has definitely been a game changer. This group has set the stage for great dialogue and discussion, for breakthrough and victory, for direction and resolution.

We are changing the game. Get your play on the board. Gather your group and set your date.

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