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Have you ever seen someone drive a car that has a leak?

It can certainly be driven but there will be a lack of efficiency.

Imagine… there is an OIL leak, and while sitting and driving- the vehicle is becoming depleted of a necessary item.

The driver- HAS PLACES TO BE!

So they go to the store and grab 10 bottles of oil, gloves, rags, card boards and hand cleanser for their journey.

Along the way to - WHERE they must BE, they have to make STOPS- because they know there is a leak so they want to be proactive about being depleted of oil.

Stopping adds more time to the journey.  But… they have some where to BE. So they use 2 full bottles and know that they can make it to their destination.

While- THERE- the car leaks and upon leaving - they must use 2 more bottles of oil to start again. Along the way- midpoint 2 more.

In one day- 6 bottles of oil has been used, only 4 remaining and when they get to park the car, in order to start again they will use 2 of those and have to head back to the store again- just to get to where they need to BE.

Time, money, resources have been used for patching what really needs repairing.

The driver has said “they don’t have time to be without the car, so they keep moving.

Our lives can be like this if we are not careful. We can focus so much on where we are going and forego the necessary maintenance- the basics to keep us operating efficiently.

God is not surprised by anything so instead of forcing the drive, spending extra funds and time- acknowledge the pause.

Have you considered that he may not have wanted you to be - THERE. He may have wanted you to sit this out?

He may have needed you to be at the repair center for an assignment.

He may have wanted to slow you down a little for rejuvenation but you are addicted to being busy and feeling needed.

He may have wanted you to stop focusing on what it LOOKS like and pay attention to what is.

None of the stops catch God by surprise but we can miss the message because we need to drive and get there.

You can get there without worrying about how to stay there or you can get there LEAKING.

It’ll cost you either way but getting THERE whole will allow you to enjoy your time without patching leaks.

An engine with NO OIL- will blow- will STOP  and eventually you will do later what should have been done earlier- sit still and go through the repairs.

The danger of not having time for the basics, the processes, development, can bring on a false identity. We can become more consumed with image and lack substance.

It’s just basic maintenance and it’ll cost less to get a small repair opposed to an engine replacement.

The basic maintenance is necessary! The journey is important but how you arrive is to be considered.

You can force your way, purchase beautiful packages- like the gloves, cardboards, rags- etc to fix at your level or you can get to the root of the leak and not have to “fix up” who you are.

Take a moment and ask God about your movements, what is your driving force?

Have you created unnecessary pressure?

Are you more concerned about how people see you or obeying God’s voice and timing?

What is he saying to you in the PAUSE?

Stop and listen, recalibrate and then move!

Lakeisha Stevenson

Author and Coach

The Pebble in the Pond

Wounded on Purpose

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7 opmerkingen

This is good! Unfortunately, I learned the hard way but now I make sure to take time to be fixed. One thing about it the more you go without getting the small thing repaired it ends up turning into something much bigger, which causes more time and resources.


Yes! Sometimes we’re able to keep moving and what we need works its way out in the process. There are, however, times when we have to pause for provision for that “stuff” to get worked out/repaired/restored. Great read!

Reageren op

Thanks for your insight. We are Growing somewhere!


One of my favorite pieces of advice is to "count the cost!" This is thing in life that so many of us fail to do. Cost is not just the finances. Cost is a collective of time, money, physical, mental and most certainly spiritual.

Reageren op

Absolutely! Thanks for your insight.

Sometimes we don’t realize just how much until later.


We cannot sign up for unnecessary pressure. #settle


I love this! "The basic maintenance is necessary‐ sit still and go through the repairs."

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