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Strengths- PLUG IN

Research has found that only ⅓ of people have an active awareness of their strengths. Imagine a world where we all knew–and used our strengths to their full potential!

 What are your strengths? How well are you using your strengths or are they one a shelf  like a trophy- a past moment? 

What are you doing in the PRESENT time? 

How fulfilled are you on a personal level?

These are questions that need answers, there will be an outcry from your person until you answer.

How many more days will you allow to just roll by? How many?

There are too many stories where money, houses, men/women, careers have not satisfied  the inner cry of purpose. You must find your strength, work your strength and repeat, because you have more than one. 

Here are a few keys to:

 1. Plug in to where you can grow and don’t make it optional. 2. Invest in yourself. (Class, exercise regimen , mindfulness moments, free and fun time.)

3. Be honest with your current state but keep your goal in view. 

4.Don’t discount the genius of those around you. 

5.Don’t become what you have despised, rise above it. 

6.You are still growing and evolving and too need help.

Lakeisha Stevenson



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Lakeisha Stevenson
Lakeisha Stevenson
Jan 17, 2020

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