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Basic is BORING!

Basic is boring and may even be annoying to the lofty. Who really likes to admit that they are lofty though?


We've heard it before... you are square, green and boring, so there can be an extreme pressure for many to perform in an effort not to fit those adjectives. (basic, green and square.)

In a colloquial expression, Boring has seemingly become synonymous with a novice or maybe one that is less intricate or detailed. This is challenging for many reasons and we know that over time, words and there meaning can change and evolve. But... BASIC, to be viewed as an insult is absurd because it is the foundation that is necessary for any thing to be built.

Before any lavish thing can be added anywhere,everything must have a starting point and foundation, a principle, a standard, a culture, a focus, and that is really the essence of BASIC.

It is a great concern when BASIC is boring because we can SKIP process and essentials to build properly.

A musician that is gifted to play music by ear, although a great gift and accomplishment, may be restricted to certain environments because other areas of opportunity may require the ability to sight read. To perform in an orchestra or on some mainstream platforms the gift- may not be enough. On the contrary, a musician that may be able to sight read and speak a universal music language on paper and in skill may position himself for more or different opportunities. It is not a matter of which is better as much as getting back to the basics, to build a natural gift. Getting back to the basics of learning music theoretically and in skill, works together to increase the magnitude of influence and impact in your sphere. Although skilled... the BASIC may still be necessary.

A child gifted with a luxury vehicle because they came to legal driving age and passed the test without knowledge of how to care for a car, can prove to be a challenge. They've watched parents drive for years but the parents take the car to be serviced and the kid has not been present to see that . So although capable of driving, there is no reference point of caring for the vehicle, there is only the association to DRIVE. So if not introdcued to the manual- THE BASIC, he may not exeperience longevity with this vehicle without proper care.

Reading the manual MAY BE BORING but it will also provide insght for proper handling of the vehicle.

A Fancy diet, catered meals and no limits in access may be great to experience but there is dire need to realize that the BASIC nutrients and vitamins are consumed or there could be deficiencies. We may consume the prettiest or most sought after foods but the individual that focuses on BASICS, fruits, veggies, grains, hyrdation,etc; may or may not add fancy things but Fancy without BASIC can be challenging.

I am clear that these examples are in no way an exhaustive list and you may not personally be able to relate to any of them but I am sure that you can see the picture. In a world where Image, publicity and likes are front and center we cannot forget the BASICS.

Humanity and hospitality, love and respect, family and friends, housing and food are a foundational things that help us to thrive as humans. Gaining success in your respective field, accomplishing set goals and notoriety are all add ons but cannot be the main focus.

I love people and one of the things that I've learned even more about myself over the last few years particularly is that I am relational. I am not merely a transactional being and loathe being treated that way. As a person that has served in human and community services there is much work that I have put in with or without any type of compensation. There is NOTHING wrong with being compensated for doing what you love but my focus is people, adding to their lives and communities and IF I am compensated, that is a BONUS.

See... I would rather keep some things SIMPLE and master the main thing, become strong, confident and competent in what I am called to opposed to being pulled in a space because of my gift with no grounding and character.

Basic builds, basic creates culture, basic may need to be repeated but Basic is foundational and necessary in all things. IF you can Master Basic - Promotion and Ascension will be a bonus.

Do not become BORED with basic... some of those repetitive moments are fortifying you to ensure longevity.

Lakeisha Stevenson

LAKEISHA STEVENSON is an author, advocate, coach, wife and mother and resides in Rockland County, NY. She has a goal to build and nurture healthy relationships with self and others, knowing that it will transform homes, communities and the globe. She is a lover of people and an exhorter of potential. Her programs are focused on personal identity, conflict resolution and making hard conversations easy.

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