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I want MORE!

There was a guy that was seeking to advance in his area of gifting. He had seen a lot but wanted to experience MORE!

He was beginning to socialize more, attend more events, practice more and one day someone complimented him on his skill level.

The admirer of his gift asked him where he had learned to execute with such grace and detail. The young man said I have had a great teacher but I am looking for a mentor. Remember he wanted MORE!

As they continued their conversation the admirer asked… who was your teacher? Upon reply, the admirer eyes stretched and said…. “____ was your teacher, why then would you be looking for a mentor. I know this teacher, as a matter of fact, I am his student.”

The one looking for MORE was in a state of shock.

See…while he was looking for more he didn’t mention that

⚫️he hadn’t fully embraced the teacher

⚫️he didn’t take the assignments seriously

⚫️he thought he didn’t need what the teacher was offering, there was a MORE popular trend.

It took someone on the outside to highlight what he had access to.

The admirer understood the value of the teacher, the young man still had to learn and appreciate it.

Don’t allow your desire to go for MORE make you miss what is in front of you.

Ask yourself have I taken the small steps to acquire more?

What have you done with what you have?

No need for a NEW… master the process!

The teacher was always present, the student must be open and remain teachable.

- Lakeisha Stevenson

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