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Set the Pace

Even when you are aware of WHAT to do you must SET THE PACE!

In order to set the pace you must PLAN, PREPARE and EXECUTE.

If I am going to bake a cake, I know that I must do it but the attention paid to details will make the difference in the quality of cake that I present. If I leave my ingredients out to long, they can go bad, causing contamination to my cake. This in our natural life will represent PROCRASTINATION and delay. We can contaminate our goals by waiting too long and one thing is sure, Procrastination causes FRUSTRATION. You must use your ingredients in appropriate timing.

I must plan what kind of cake I am going to bake, find a recipe or create one.

Check to see if I have the ingredients, if not purchase them.

Verify the temperature and timing needed to have a delicious MOIST cake, no one likes Overdone desserts. Paying attention to the fine details is going to help you get the list accomplished and move you closer to execution.

Preparing your ingredients may go as planned or you may have a eggshell make it into your batter. You may have poured too much sugar, or not enough vanilla-WHAT WILL YOU DO TO BALANCE out the unexpected?

1. Keep the goal in front of you.

2. Remember WHY you are doing this.

3. Move past the obstacle and continue.

4. KNOW where you are-Some recipes can't be altered if you are not sure of the alternative that will yield you the desired results and some leave room for creativity.

You have planned, prepared and NOW it's time to EXECUTE. Get it done!

If you miss the first two steps (Plan, Prepare) it's difficult to execute. It is Imperative to do all of the parts. Planning helps the execution flow effortlessly, you won't have to figure it out along the way. If an obstacle presents- YOU HAVE A ROADMAP-set of instructions for your next move.

Regardless to all of the digital planning options that are out here, it is powerful to still get PEN to paper.

When is the last time that you wrote out your goals?

DO you have Goals set? Today, Next week, Next month, Six months, Next year, 3,5,10 years?

Whew... that was a lot for one line, but if you take it ONE line at a time, it's easier to execute.

What are your goals? Are they clearly defined? How are you getting to them? How much time has passed since you "thought" about it?

This is not about how smart or accomplished you are- this is about your intentionality and Planning.

You have a responsibility to PLAN, PREPARE AND EXECUTE.

If you are soaring at your business, where are you in your personal goals?

If you are at the gym seven days a week, where are you in your business plans?

If you are making moves in one area of your life- are you thriving in all that you desire or are purposed to?

It's time to Plan, Prepare and Execute.


I have developed a NEW Program that will assist you in this very specific area. I am using it in my daily life and have implemented it with other clients. WE are realizing how much is on our plate and where we need to add/subtract as well as execute. We want you to join us.

Head over to the website and sign up for the "Inquirer Package" and join this group. You will receive a FREE tool ($40 value) to assist in your journey and will still get your 30 minute session- with the FREE TOOL. (Offer expires Friday Dec 6, 2019)

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Let's Get those plans off of the paper into circulation in your life. Your YES is not about you alone. Your Yes will change the lives of Others. Don't make them wait on You. Put the cake in the oven!

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The Inquirer

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