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Now and THEN

“If I would have known THEN, what I know NOW!”

Is a popular phrase but you have to stop and ask yourself “what stopped me from learning it back then?”

For some it’ll be:

- No access, lack of exposure

For some it’ll be skepticism

- lack of trust (which is an INNER issue that must be resolved) or it will affect many things.

For some it was timing

- Wasn’t good for you, or that’s what you thought at that time.

For some it was and is PRIDE

- You don’t want anyone to know that you don’t have it together, so you fake it til you make it, and realize that you are miserable and really haven’t made it at all. OR... because it’s not you- you stand in opposition

For some it’s ignorance

- I just don’t understand and as you at least try, the understanding comes

Whatever the reason and it may not be listed here, dispel the myth that you don’t need anyone’s help.

Some of the greatest moves that you will make in this season will come through TEAMS; and the mic, pen, or meeting might not be in your hands but you are STILL IN THE ROOM.

You have the opportunity to glean and still create a full basket.

Honesty is required for you to move from where you are to where you really see yourself and your view can be jaded until you really see yourself.

God can redeem the time, he needs you to have the teachable spirit.

“I know” will impede your brain from receiving what you NEED to know for the next thing.

Stay on the sideline or get in the game.

It doesn’t have to be a wish to know!

The information may not come how you think... stay in the room.

Don’t allow what stopped you then- stop you now. Resolve the conflict!

Regardless to what anyone does or says to you- it’s a choice to resolve the inner conflict in you. It takes work, it takes honesty but if you don’t the cycle of “I WISH” continues.

~Lakeisha Stevenson

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