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ON PURPOSE LYFE “Building and Nurturing healthy relationship with Self and Others”

Identifying and fortifying a healthy you will ultimately change the world in which you live one day and at least one life at a time, although you are not limited to one. Before you extend your reach your eyes will be enlightened first. IF we take these small steps for personal growth our view points change and so does our actions. The state of our community and world started with one thing... a thought and that led to an action.

I coined a very simple phrase “When (imperative) you know who you are, people cannot tell you WHO YOU ARE NOT!”

This simple lack of identity can send one into a tail spin all while receiving recognition and accolades, building families and communities... but on what, on what “truth”, on what authenticity? Your identity cannot be a copy cat, it must be what is designed for your DNA, we each have a unique identifier in our DNA- it’s the way that we are made.

Our goal at OPL, is to help you identify and fortify your identity and remove gathered masks and costumes that you have picked up along the way. When we do this as a collective unit, we stop previous insanity and create a new culture.

In what ways are you serving you and your community today to operate in authenticity or to be one as good or better than what you have experienced. We should all be evolving!

Please share with us some of your efforts. We are influencing a world! 🌎

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