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Aware of the Time

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The challenge with not being aware of the environment or times is that you will try to do what was done decades ago the exact same way but in very different circumstances.

THIS will cause unnecessary fight and it’s quite an unrealistic expectation.


Before making comparison with anything- all parts must be EXACTLY the same. The likelihood of it being so is slim to none- so it is extremely important to be aware of the time, the environment and scenario and evaluate it for what it is, not what you think or have experienced before.

The Knowledge from the older experience is valuable and should not be ignored or discarded but there must be an honest assessment to determine if modifications are necessary.

Let's talk a few examples...

Your 20 yr old car still drives but the parts won’t fit into your 2023 vehicle, although same make and model. They are both a car, but things have changed, the name is the same but some parts are outdated, so it is not a fair comparison if you want the mechanic to fix something or you are trying to pack the trunk the same way in your old one to your new, there have been modifications/changes so you must realize what they are and make the necessary adjustments instead of wasting time trying to force the same thing into a new situation or circumstance.

Your home purchase 30 years ago, may have allowed certain methods that won’t work in 2023. You were able to put down 1% earnest money for your purchase and have 1% interest rate. Well times have changed and so have interest rates, inflation is at an all time high. It would not be advantageous to compare your experience with the homeowner from 30 years ago. I remember when I purchased my first home and grandad and I was talking about my mortgage (which in my time WAS GOOD) he was alarmed. How can you afford that?... WHY, because he did not spend near as much, times and costs changed.

One of my grandparents spent $8k total for the purchase of their home. In today's climate, $8k won't cover rent for a year, for most.

Your parents purchased a 10k life insurance policy 50 years ago and you are trying to do the same exact thing- the same exact way... Well, rates have changed and so have the cost of funerals. $10k is the cost of the cemetery opening and closing the ground in some states, this does not include the funeral homes services. You can't do the same exact thing in different times. You must assess and be aware of current times and changes that have occurred.

You may have listened to music on your CD player, your mother listened on her 8 track cassette and vinyl records, your children listened

on their iPod and now, none of these are popular... but we all can still listen to music. The times and devices changed but we all are still listening to music. I cannot force my CD into my streaming service, I must adapt.

A few years ago, prior to COVID , eggs were less expensive than they are now. A 36 pack would cost me less than $5, a few weeks ago I paid, $14.50 for the same 36 count. I can't tell the store... this price is not the same ... why? Times, supply and demand and environment changed.

In an effort to keep up with what's going on around us, We must use the knowledge that we have and expand it, allow room for growth. This may cause discomfort because often times it can cause you to feel vulnerable.

No one had a blue print for COVID. Businesses, Churches, Families all had to navigate a global pandemic with no true comparison so we all had to take it day- by -day.

Now, after coming through very rough and challenging times, the workplace has changed, more people are able to work at home and prefer it. Many companies realize that they can remain profitable and allow a greater work life balance. Many of our stores decreased the times that they are open and people have adjusted. Major chain stores that was once open 24 hrs for convenience realized that they can still thrive with changes.

We must be willing to assess what we possess but not be in a fight to do EXACTLY what we did before. The stress that comes with this frame of mind is not necessary. We want to grow and educate ourselves to be relevant and aware of what is going on around us.

As you continue to navigate through life, remain teachable and adapt to forward movement. There will always be PILLARS in your life but adaptation is necessary. You don't have to give up principles but evolution is a part of growth.

Lakeisha Stevenson

Author, Coach and Advocate

***Lakeisha Stevenson is committed to Building and Nurturing heathy relationships. She believes that your personal awareness and authenticity will affect your home, community and globe. As a serial entrepreneur, her businesses focus on personal development, conflict resolution and effective communication. She is a certified Life Coach, Licensed Money Coach and Travel Agent. Connect with On Purpose Lyfe today and Transform the whole being. Mind, Money and Soul. Connect via

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