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Falling Apart or is it?

I’m not sure where you are while reading this post but you may have at some point been where I am writing from... falling apart. It’s a place that many of us have visited but not speak about. The place where it seems like the world around you is crumbling and it truly may be or it may be time to adjust your lens.

The last few months have been everything but normal, it’s been many adjustments, losses, gains and uncertainties but I am sure that you have what you need to make it through and on the other side.

It really is okay to acknowledge that some things have holes in it, that you may not have been as prepared for the craziness of the global pandemic named, COVID-19.

Our world has had to shift and view things from a different lens. One that has become more cautious about sanitization and sterilization (we should have been doing that anyway right), one that has caused families to sit and eat together, but it has also had women give birth alone without the support of a loved one and even harder, those die alone because no one could be at their bedside. Things seem to be falling apart and some getting in alignment.

Again, I’m not sure about where you sit but if I was really transparent about all that has happened since May, I would say it‘s falling apart. I have experienced hurt, disappointment, loss of loved ones, loss of income and for a small frame, loss of insight- I didn’t know what was next. I couldn‘t see how to come past the moment.

I cried, I even got anxious for a moment, but I also unplugged. I pulled away from everything so that I could focus on one thing, surviving the present moment. Truthfully, all else wouldn’t have mattered if I couldn’t survive the moment.

I had to relinquish any idea of control that I thought I had and survive the moment.

When all around me seemed to be falling apart this was my saving grace... realizing that I should just be present. Although I was facing great challenges, I adjusted my lens to refocus on what mattered. I admonish you to do the same, KNOW that will all that “seems“ to be falling apart their is a larger picture and you can survive the moment.

I was okay with unplugging and turning on away messages, turning off my phone, writing in my journal, having no to do list to just be present in the moment.

That is when the champion in me stood up, I faced adversity head on and said “I can’t go out like this,” I tried with little steps for my strength, I took deeper and deeper breaths, I focused on surviving the moment, day by day.

As I sat in the seat of “falling apart“ I realized that it was only one part of my life, the picture, beyond that moment was greater. I have to keep that in focus In the middle of adversity, but my vision is clearer.

It is okay to acknowledge your storm but plan to rise above it.

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