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Great morning to every EMERGING LEADER. As you prepare for your day, as you sit on a team or lead one please leave a moment to take breathe in an exhale.

~You will not be everyone’s cup of tea- they prefer coffee, it has nothing to do with you. It is what they have been exposed to, don’t take it personal.

~There are some circles that you will never fit into and you will be misunderstood trying to stay in it.

~Are you valuing/celebrating those around you?

~ Are you serving/leading with impartialities? Some look/gender/style/race gets better treatment from you.

~ It is not a requirement to become friends with everyone but you can RESPECT humanity.

~Are you the smartest or Best person in the room , even if it’s not the truth?

~Will you talk about and tear down everyone that is around you?

~Are you complaining about everything?

~Did you allow jealousy to slip in? Your teammate is just being the best version of themselves.

~Think of a place that you left (school, work, church). Can you go back?

~You have nothing to prove but you do owe it to yourself to grow, evolve and soar.

~Everyone is not trying to harm you but be aware of those that are.

~You will have conflict, master how to resolve it.

~Set healthy boundaries, you can’t always shut down.

~ Sharpen your discernment-not your judgment.

IF your team was full of you what would it look like? How would you operate?

Would there be follow up, professionalism,messy matters, gossiping, cohesiveness, a challenge to grow or stagnation?

Would your team be friendly or phony?

Would your team fight cause they can’t control?

Would your team hold constructive conversations that could implement change or just Criticism?

Would your team be punctual and accountable?

Would there be good communication?

EMERGING LEADER, take a look at yourself right now and ask, would I want me on my team?

If your answer is No, lets work on the parts that need an adjustment.

We don’t know what contributing factors made you fight what you are fighting but you can get over it.

It requires honesty and accountability and seeing yourself the way that God does.

It is just as important to know your areas of weakness as you know your strengths- this is where you must put in work.

There will always be the sideline hecklers but that is not your audience. There will always be those that doubt your ability, that is not your audience.

There will always be those that believe in you, there will always be those that provoke you to an elevated thought- learn to embrace them.

If you wouldn’t want you and your behavior on the team that you must build then don’t give it to the team that you are on. If you wouldn’t want your staff to act like you- don’t give it to your leader.

Teams are vital and you can be an asset or liability. Consider where you are and commit to grow to a better posture today. You don’t have to step on anyone for your place, it’s been carved in the foundation of the earth, keep moving. This is not a popular thought in the world but remember if you dig a hole, you too can fall in it.

If an opportunity presents and you are ready AND it’s your time then move. Motive and intention makes a difference in your movement. Live with intention, clarity and direction, this is the on purpose lyfe.

~Lakeisha Stevenson

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Shonika Nazaire
Mar 13, 2020


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