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What EXACTLY is your story? What are you recovering from, getting over, working on?

IF- you are not working on you, your goals, dreams, aspirations and more importantly the PROPER TIMING of it- you have become stagnant.

1. Money follows movement so you are NOT waiting on money, it’s waiting on you to MOVE.

2. Support follows STRATEGY, so you are not waiting on it, it’s waiting on you.

(Someone will help you lay this out. There is always a team assigned to you and you are a part of someone’s team.)

3. Healing flows in HONESTY, you cannot skip over this- you cannot. You are not waiting on healing, it’s waiting on you.

Don’t trick yourself to believe that being quiet, guarded or moving on- means that you have resolved the conflict. Pointing the finger at your violator doesn’t equal healing either. You must choose to heal from WHATEVER hurt you- although it might still hurt.

4. Wealth flows in WHOLENESS, (you can have money and be fragmented/broken, but true WEALTH, PEACE, is rooted in wholeness. The ability to take all of the fragmented pieces, process them and use them as launching pad- not a tool of bonadage.

What are you doing my lovely- what is it?

I believe in you! You’ve got this! Let’s do the work.

Let’s talk about your mind and money. You ready? It’s just a conversation.

(Have you ordered my book yet- “The Pebble in The Pond.” Did you read it?)

It is going to help you recognize some things that could have you decorated but disgusted, tied down mentally/ emotionally- it’s not scary- just a conversation) I was HONEST and transparent. (See link below)

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