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TODAY... Choose to FEEL

On this SELF CARE SATURDAY I ask that you would allow yourself to FEEL.

Too often we are moving, busy but not productive. Evaluate how you feel and don’t rush the moment. The previous incidents in your life that you moved past does not guarantee that you have moved on. Your body may still respond to previous moments. Sometimes we call it “keeping it real” “protecting myself” BUT... there are times when it’s really a moment that still need to be felt. Sometimes it’s infiltrated other areas of your life unaware, but it’s ok to FEEL. Process your moments.

I talk about some of these not wanting to feel moments in my book “The Pebble in the Pond.” In Chapter 5 “The IT of Trauma, ...”“The trouble can cause you to become guarded and create a safety net so that you refrain from pain. Trauma can happen at such an early start in your life that it can become all you know of yourself.”

Excerpt From

The Pebble in the Pond

Lakeisha T. Stevenson

(Get your autographed copy today, use code PIP21 until March 31st to get $5 off, share with a friend!)

I also want to share this quote from Jason Tougaw, “

“If we develop new ways of being — new kinds of strength — we'll be in a better position to live our ideals, promote them in the world, and engage other people. “

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