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I’ve been asked why do I PUSH others? I’ve been asked this as I’ve promoted other singers- my reply then was... she is READY, it takes nothing from me.

I’ve been asked this as I promote other authors, coaches and businesses to thrive- my reply now is THERE IS ENOUGH ROOM.

Once you gather and accept that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can be you, you will be ok with supporting others. I may not invest my money in all things but I will support who I am supposed to whether by my insight, skill, money or time. I love to see a plan come together.

I coach other coaches and I have a coach that coaches me.


You have a sphere of influence that you will impact greatly, serve that audience- not the ones that need you to prove something to them, don’t believe in what you serve or know so much that they have no room to grow and learn.

So guess what, I am gifted to push others and that takes nothing from me. I make room for others to do the same for me.

You are enough!

There is enough!

You’ve got the goods!

You can’t do this alone!

There is someone that wants to support you- not just help!

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There is ROOM!

Me gusta

Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez
07 oct 2020


Me gusta
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