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Perspective is Key

How you view a thing within yourself can determine the outcome of what you receive.

Perspective has much to do with your interpersonal relationship so your perception and exposure will effect your processing of Information.

Our son was a toddler and he saw a statue of a woman that was bare chest. No covering, no bra. This statue was a beautiful piece of art that someone chose to put in their personal space. Our son saw the statue but gravitated to the breast. I was not alarmed because he had been seeing breast all of his life; this was normal, this was nourishment. He is a breast fed baby.

Someone in the room felt necessary to question how he could relate at such a young age. I Gladly acknowledged that “he is a breast fed baby!“ This is a comfort and provision, nothing more. It caused the “someone“ in the room to shift their perspective. This was not sexual but provision and to someone else ART. They were initially only seeing his behavior from one angle.

This can happen for various reasons but in this instance it may have been perspective, he has never nursed a baby so this may not have been a forward thought. To a nursing mom this probably would have been obvious, especially if she was not too far removed from that time in her life.

You will always have someone that is Limited by their perspective and exposure; or lack thereof- Don‘t allow it to change you and your art form or reach. You must be sure of what you are called to to and do it.

You are a change agent and you must also help to shift perspectives. All will not be willing to view differently, work in your sphere of influence and impact the world. Respect the differences of others, There is always more than one view, be sure of yours!

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