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Keys of Change

Regardless to HOW long you have been doing a “thing”, you can change and transform. It requires ...


that will challenge and transform your previous way of thinking and actions.

2. ACKNOWLEDGMENT - acknowledging that you NEED change and are willing to do so.

3. TOOLS- information or resources to help facilitate change.


acceptance that God ‘s way is better than yours.

Acceptance that your life is his.

Acceptance that you can still learn and grow. Acceptance the  you must SUBMIT your will to his.

5. CONSISTENT PRACTICE - rehearse the correct behaviors, positive self talk against old mind set and behaviors, practicing honesty all the way.

6. SUPPORT- a great support system that will remind you of what you have overcome and holding your arm of freedom UP.

You were created on Purpose with Power. Make forward moves to live your BEST life.

Join in on one of our sessions that will help you identify, set and complete your change.


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