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I’ve got options!

We all have options right? We can choose what we want to do, where we want to go and how we want to get there. Currently there are more options for everything. You can purchase the same shirt in various colors, choose your favorite lipstick in many colors, a salad with endless toppings and you don’t have to just choose vanilla ice cream because - you have OPTIONS.

Option is your power or right to choose.

Power is our ability to do, with might and strength.

With all of these choices, which does one take?

I offer this vantage point. Anything that you make an option will not be mandatory for your life. Although options are your right or “power” to choose it could strip some of strength.

I have an option not to exercise and although it may be my right it is not going to increase my ability- “my power” to run a marathon or build a fit body.

I have an option not to work on My goals today and although it’s my “right” to choose, the lack of doing so will not increase me in power. I will actually feel depleted and frustrated if I don’t accomplish my goals.

Are you experiencing inconsistency in levels of commitment in your life? You may have too many options on the table. Although it’s your right, the options may not produce the results that you are seeking.


Once I create an option to participate, engage, learn, or execute I present a silent challenge within myself. The option does not require me to set a definitive goal, it leaves room for wandering.

The option leaves me with no plan in place because I didn’t prioritize writing one. The option causes me to spend time looking through all of the clothing racks because I didn’t simply go in with the “black“ shirt in mind, I wandered off to look at all of the colors.

The things that God has instructed you and I to do are not optional- they are mandatory. (NO OPTION- not to be disregarded)

The place where you want to experience options is when you are upgrading, choosing amenities for your travel, your new home, your new office but you must use the power within to do the right thing to get to this round of options.

It‘s not optional to pursue your purpose in Power- It’s mandatory.

You must be intentional with your time and where you place your energy and efforts- it’s mandatory.

God‘s plans for me are not optional, so I must submit my will and ideas unto to his- it’s his life through me.

Take a moment and stop looking at the entire rack of shirts, which color do you need today? Which one did you come for today? Although metaphorically speaking of the shirt, it will represent your life.

What are supposed to be doing today- but you are so focused on all of the other things around you that you are missing the main thing?

You have the option to hang with your friends but your paper is due.

You have the option sit on the couch but your manuscript is due to the editor.

You have the option to stay at home but you committed to your local church.

You have the option to buy a new pair of sneakers but you committed to partner with your organization.

You have the option to stay in a dead end career but it’s mandatory for you to search inside of yourself and strengthen the hidden and manifest talents.

What are you doing now? What are you supposed to be doing?

Are you pursuing God’s plan or yours?

Your success, development and growth is not optional- IT’s mandatory. Remove all of the clutter and pursue.

Your mandate to commit will rid Inconsistencies and increase your power.

Make the right thing MANDATORY now so that you could really enjoy options in there proper place. Your commitment is mandatory.

Lakeisha Stevenson

Certified Personal Development and Spiritual Coach

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