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GOD cares about ALL of You!

God cares about ALL of you!

Who you are is not separate in or out of

office or church, with friends or at home. Who you are should reflect in what you do in every area of your life.

Knowing WHO you are-the PURPOSE for your existence is NECESSARY or you can find yourself wandering, reaching and guessing.

Take the guess work out, be brave enough to STOP and ask God what he desires for your life RIGHT NOW! (This indeed takes COURAGE).

You must also sit and wait for an answer- he will speak.

You can’t go back to the past but you can go FORWARD with CLARITY.

Warfare can be present where there is a LACK OF IDENTITY!

It doesn’t matter how many bows you have tied around yourself: cars, houses, degrees, money, gifts, people, accolades…. NONE of this will be more powerful than understanding and knowing WHO you are, WHAT you are to be doing and WHY you are here.

God cares about ALL of you and he deals in PRINCIPLES. Check yourself…

💥How are you showing up?

💥How is your attitude when you show up?

💥What do you believe?

💥How are you managing what is currently in your hand?

💥Are you being HONEST about your strengths and weaknesses?


are you using others around you as a measuring stick? As long as you are seemingly doing “better” than them, then you are OK!

💥Honesty untangles areas that need refinement and adjustment and keeps you aware of what you need to keep on the altar of prayer.

God cares about ALL of you.

He cares about the HEALTH of your

* MIND, body and soul

*Family, relationships and community

*Money, wealth and Legacy

*Interactions with others

* Behaviors, discipline and communication

*Keeping your word and commitments

God cares about ALL OF YOU!

Take some time and be THANKFUL for what you have but be BRAVE enough to go DEEP enough into yourself and EMERGE with TRUE IDENTITY, adjustment and refinement.

There are many things that we don’t have to learn by trial and error but we must obtain the correct information; we must be teachable. Some of your greatest teaching moments can yield in everyday movement. You just don't know where that next great nugget is going to come from.

We ALL have room to grow and develop and your VALUE was given by God, therefore you don’t need to seek validation from men, you need to IDENTITY, FORTIFY, CLARIFY- your identity and walk in your PURPOSE.

What is your PURPOSE?

What can you do and be FUELED and Recharged?

You cannot afford to wander aimlessly or on auto-pilot. God was intentional about your existence you must be intentional about using what he has placed in your hands. You add value and God is concerned about ALL of You!

~ Lakeisha Stevenson

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