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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

WHAT measures do you take to refill? Are you able to operate effectively on empty? Do you recognize when you are on empty?

In fast paced world and lifestlye that is a drastic Contrast to that of our great grand parents and grand parents we must be intentional about stopping to refill and refuel.

We have the constant flow of technology; phones, ipads, computers. We must answer emails, can’t miss the call, run to an event or simply run another errand. Our home structure looks different, many are two parent households where both are working more than forty hour a week jobs.

With the cost of inflation, this makes sense RIGHT?

We must have the dialogue about what we are actually paying for.

Sit down family dinners, scrolling through a photo album is extinct in most current homes. If we are intentional to print pictures and create these moments for our families, it does not have to be.

Those SIT down moments help to create bonding that is unbreakable, communication that is unshakable and healthy laughs that will last.

When you are going non stop at work, church and community what are you doing to refill?

Where are you actually losing the gas? What area needs attention? You?

Our grandparents went to bed when the lights went out not when the sun was coming back up, no flipping the channels, scrolling through social media- they socialized and help us to understand the importance of family time.

What are we really paying for?

If you won’t take time to refill- you Break down. We break down physically, emotionally and we break down our family structures which ultimately affects our local and global communities.

We have access to MORE, yet with a general decreased sensitivity and compassion for humanity. We have more communication devices and talk to people LESS in public. (You can’t if you are in/on your device.)

There is a gap in logical reasoning and critical thinking, there is a generation of children that don’t know how to address an envelope, use a check ledger or pay for a purchase in cash. (They don’t need this RIGHT?)

Where are we losing the gas?

How do we refill?

Many have made SLEEP the last priority and it’s the main thing that will refill us.

Even if your life requires a sleep sacrifice because of your current work load, when you sleep is just as important to how much. Hit the sack and be asleep before midnight opposed to at the sign of sunlight.

There is a fight at this effort because stores are open 24 hours a day, social media never closes and there is something else that has to be done to ”stay on top!“

We must be intentional to find out where we are losing the gas in our lives and put a strategy in place to refill. It will require evaluation and implementation. Set healthy boundaries for you and your family that will affect your community and world.

When is the the last time you turned your phone off and didn’t stress about missing a call?

When did you last sit for a quiet bath?

How often do you and the family sit for dinner together?

When did you last take a nature walk?

Do you read physical books?

Do your write in your journal?

When is the last time you emptied your mind on paper?

HINT: these are great starts to filling up and you can pass these along.

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