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Decorated, Yet Detached

A Tree serves great purpose in our environment.

It provides, beauty , shade , oxygen, housing, recreation, firewood, and for some a simple hug. It’s Certainly not limited to this short list.

Oh but in holiday season they are beautifully decorated and when all is removed- it’s a tree.

At glance, you may not see all of these functions or uses but a firm, stable object, one that provides stability. It’s in how you use this object that gets you the varying results and satisfaction.

I personally love the shade of a tree on a hot sunny day, to view the beauty of a palm or coconut tree, enjoy lying in the hammock between two.

There are many ways that this same object is used differently.

We,the people are trees. We are strong and can operate in many functions and roles but what you get from it (us) is determined by the user.

You may not like the idea of being “used” but lift the pressure of the thought for this text .

We are to provide something to others far beyond our personal desires.

As we have been experiencing this pandemic much has shifted in our world. It doesn’t look quite the same.

As much as some are struggling with the world not being open, many are enjoying simple pleasures in life and have realized just how busy they were. Some have taken a fresh look on how life has been categorized, what they have been making most important and what has been lacking.

This pandemic has made many realize how small their circle of care is. No co- workers no- no friends. Most of their time was spent at work so they didn’t develop outside relationships far beyond the job. No spouse or children at home, because they’ve put it off to build the decorated career, only to see their company experience bankruptcy during this pandemic.

The circle is even smaller because there are no social events, no mixers, no networking events, company trips, corporate after hour meetings, church conventions, no movie theaters open, no happy hour events.

It’s a harsh realization of how disconnected we are as humanity. We’ve become besties with a screen, with our plans, our entrepreneurial efforts and are missing the power of touch with humanity. Not physical touch alone but personal touch- heart touch.

We have more fine homes, fancier cars, decorated walls and fine suits but we miss the core of healthy human communication. It’s here but growing even more faint.

We’ve realized that people were present but we weren’t interacting. Maybe on your ride to work you didn’t wave at the car, maybe you put in your ear buds, maybe you pushed past the person at the bus station, or bumped into the person with your grocery cart without speaking or apologizing.

Now their has been such distance you want to see someone close, you want to offer the hug/handshake that you wouldn’t give. I don’t know which side you are on, but human touch is necessary. Not just physical but with heart.

With all of our decorations, club houses, technology and advancement, how many of us are remembering to plant trees? Plant something that someone else can use. Plant something that will provide stability now and later.

Something else that can shade or provide relaxation for another. When was the last time that you helped someon else breathe- you relieved their pressure?

How long has it been that you have cared enough to stop and call? Not text.

When is the last time you sent a physical card and transcribed a personal message? This requires personal touch.

How long has it been since you came from behind the computer screen?

As we are evolving we must remember what matters most.

Healthy Communication must be at the core of our communities, it has to be our roots. Personal heart touch cannot fade and we are the ones to help it make it last.

Having these roots and working on them will help to alleviate some of our problems because we have cared enough to care. We care enough to talk and communicate with understanding, we can process information accurately.

Having these roots will help us recognize culprits that fight our forward progression.

We will be concerned beyond ourselves.

I am not certain what your circle currently looks like. You may be excited or disappointed with what you find. When you find it, process the emotion- if excited- keep planting and building like that.

If disappointed, see that strong roots are their, appreciate them, water them, but pull out the weeds.

Access where you need more or less, and start planting what you need.

If you would like more calls, make more.

If you would like more social outings, start working on your calendar with friends beyond quarantine.

If you are short on safe spaces, acknowledge that and recognize how strong you really are but know that authentic support has to come to you.

We are the trees that bring forth fruit. We bring forth support, oxygen and stability to others. There is more than one tree in the forest, they all look different but they functions alike- not exactly the same.

Be reminded of personal touch, don’t get caught in the rising issue of hiding behind the screen, it doesn’t nurture your ability to effectively communicate.

You may need to use the screen but you can’t become a screen.

Someone needs to hear your voice.

Someone wants to see your scribble.

Someone wants to see your face.

Are you still that busy? Or how much do you really care? With all of the things that you have acquired, If all decorations are removed you are still a tree, don’t be detached from the forest, the forest really matters.

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