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The Best Coming UP to the top is not always comfortable. Often, it’s down right challenging. It challenges the old with an aim to make room for the NEW to enter. It requires ALTERATIONS, ADJUSTMENTS, and AMENDMENTS.

I remember when I was a student of cosmetology! My instructor expected more from me than she did others.

She came down harder on me than she did others, but when she realized that I would take the task -although I didn’t always like it- she trusted me with more.

She gave me some of the hardest assignments, the most difficult clients, some were not text book but her expertise held my hand.

She Owned one of the most respected salons in the community and gave me an apprenticeship. You had to be hand-picked. I took it, I also left it pre- Maturely because one day I chose to handle a FAMILIAL matter when I was supposed to be at work. That didn’t meet their standard, so I had to leave the program.

They still loved me, but I had to be READY.

I had to block out the distractions but the 18yr old me.... well, I let the other stuff that the other family members could have handled, be a priority.

Did I still do well, well yeah- cause she had taught me so much. But did I get all that I needed from that scenario- I think not but I still grew from my mistake, my error.

She saw the greater in me and cut me some days to see it. She had a high standard, one greater than I had seen.

I was able to come out of school  and run a full salon and service clients while some others were doing “hair”, I was doing BUSINESS, and still loved doing hair.

The next place of growth is going to require alterations, adjustments and amendments and your BEST will come UP to the TOP.


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