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Back to the basics!

This is SIMPLE! You have a ton of things on your “to do” list yet it seems like the list is not disappearing, it’s simple- do one at a time. For those of you that reply “duh, that’s all we can do!” Theoretically that‘s true but how many of us have actually gone back to the basics and are doing ONE thing at a time -IN OUR MIND?

The rat rat race of the mind. Grab the coffee, check the emails, drive the car, return calls while driving, listen to an audio book, talk Text the paper, put the food in the crock pot, pull out your clothes, brush your teeth, shampoo your hair, drop off the kid to soccer practice, martial arts., etc.

Does this list seem Jumble-JUGGLED enough? But this is what we often do while aiming to accomplish a goal.

So much is on the plate and seemingly not enough time in the day.

Time hasn‘t changed, we have. We have the same amount of time as our grandparents. Are we doing more but less? Are focusing on too many things at once?

Well this is an ephipany that I experienced and I am certain that holy sprit gave me this download and insight as I aim to use my time more wisely and have effective time management. I then begin looking up neurosciene and psychological Studies as I was writing this blog, on multitasking and the brain and there is science behind it.

We must choose our tasks and categorize them, we use more Energy when we don’t.

Our list stays is a state of INCOMPLETE. Then personal productivity is diminished.

This cycle will leave you feeling unaccomplished and can thwart your outlook on your success and progression.

You are indeed making progress but the rate at which you do it can be effected by HOW you do it.

We must choose what is a priority and stick to it. Work on it in a consistent manner.

(There are tools- our coaching cycles can help you with this)

This is basic list and may be more detailed based on your responsibilities.

Let’s take one step at a time.

1. Take an assessment! What do you need to accomplish today, within the next 7 and 30 days?

Write 3 columns “today”, “7 days“ “30 days” The today list on one side so that it is not overwhelming but keep the others in view. The goal is to chunk the today list with only the things that can be realistically completed TODAY.

The others should make it to 7 and 30 day.

The 7 and 30 day will carry over and that is OK!

“One step at a time!

2. Set a daily calendar and work in chunks.

When working on writing projects, silence your devices.(Do not disturb)

Do not check social media, it does not assist with mind wandering and brain dumping)

3. Set a schedule to check emails (twice a day in chunks if possible)

4. Set a time to make calls that you are replying to.

5. Take short breaks and do something totally unrelated to your task.

6. Check off what you have accomplished.

7. Write quiet time in for yourself.

On the home front:

choose your clothes for multiple days of the week, plan your meals and plan your chore time.

Because you are developing Ground breaking, life changing answers you must be intentional about your time.

Be intentional on enjoying your drive home, your work out routine or dinner time.

Don’t allow all of your conversations to be about what you are “working“ on.

Take walks and listen to the outdoor sounds

Detach from devices

UNJUMBLE your thoughts and increase your productivity.

One thing at a time, one goal at a time, starting in your mind.

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