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Failed Expectations?

Unmet expectations…

Failed expectations?

Having unmet expectations can cause you to feel challenged and disgruntled.

YOU came in with an expectation and desired result.

I believe that most problems can be resolved with healthy communication.

You came in with expectations, did you communicate your expectations?

If you didn’t - it doesn’t mean that the system/person failed you- there was a failure in communication.

If YOU saw it one way in your mind, that’s only one way.

If what was expected of you was shared and you didn’t ask proper questions or share your desired results, it was a barrier in communication.

If YOU thought someone should know what you need- it takes time to build rapport and understanding in relationships.

If YOU didn’t get what you wanted, did what you want fit into that model/system. This all can be discovered via communication.

It is possible to communicate your desires, expectations and limitations. Too often, we want to see desired results from our single vantage point without considering the whole of a matter.

When is the last time you:

✅ shared what you desire to see

✅put a plan in action

✅stuck to the plan

✅FINISHED the steps in the plan

SMALL steps lead to big FINISHES. You are communicating to the end result when you do the small steps.

So…. Did your expectations fail? Did it go unmet, did you do your part?

Your vantage point is singular but the bare minimum that you can do is communicate your expectations in a healthy way.

Remember this… most problems can be resolved with healthy communication.

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