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I haven’t watched one episode of Bridgerton but I’ve heard the hype and rave reviews which made this article even more intriguing to me where the author of the book series writes “The show "Bridgerton" may not exist had the producer Shonda Rhimes brought more books on vacation.”

So Shonda Rhimes, stumbled on an author’s book that had been published and fell in love with it and made the author an offer to turn it into a Netflix series.

The author said her life was forever changed because Shonda didn’t bring enough material.

Please note:

*The author didn’t write her book with the purpose of being on Netflix... but it happened anyway. She was true to her gift as an author and wrote not knowing the level of success it would attain.... she did it anyway.

*Shonda didn’t go on vacation to write Bridgerton, she was just breaking away reading and this series was so good to her love for reading that her gift for writing and producing got stirred... she had an idea. She didn’t know if the author would agree... she asked anyway.

Let’s draw the parallel.... neither of the two did what they did for fame, they did it out of purpose of who they are. Two writers that appreciated each other’s gifts and both lives are changed because of it.

1. Be true to yourself

2. Work your gift

3. The success is in you accomplishing it because you are supposed to.

4. The blessings will rise and overtake you when you reach the audience that you are purposed to.

5. Don’t quit!

Shonda was the author’s audience of one, that took it to millions. ALL IT TAKES is the right one that need what YOU have and your life can change the lives of millions. Never discount the one person in the room.

“ Don’t do it to become famous but their is a chance that you might become famous while doing IT!What is yoUr It?” ~Lakeisha Stevenson

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