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Assessing the CHALLENGE

I want you to think about one of the greatest areas of challenge in your life!

You got it?

Now… learn all you can about it, surround yourself with those that are doing it and get to WORK.

You are not an expert yet but you are in the right place that you can and will remain passionate if you don’t quit.

Others will discount your ability because they don’t know you as “that” but DO NOT BACK DOWN, you will see the GIFT EMERGE.

Get more information!

Many will ignore you in various stages but God WILL ALWAYS have a support space with no strings attached- it may not be who you think.

Get over this area of disappointment.

Fully understand that those that are intimated by you most- KNOW your VALUE- they want to convince you that it doesn’t exist or only to their limitations of you.

Continue to sharpen your knowledge!

You may mess up- keep showing up!

You will be told NO- it will help you to build muscle.

You might feel like quitting- you can’t!

Keep working with a pure heart and blossom but I NEED you to remember how those adverse moments made you feel and remember those coming behind you… “LET DOWN THE LADDER.”( thanks to Y.N-Schure for this one.)

No one can do what you do like you, there is enough space- works yours.

~Lakeisha Stevenson Lakeisha Stevenson Real Lyfe Topics #onpurposelyfe #buildingandnurturinghealthyrelationships #4C #clarity #direction #coach

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