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Fm Method Spoken English Book Free Download




Thursday, March 23, 2006 How to get value from foreign languages? The foreign language we use daily does not develop a “systematic and effective strategy of communication”. And what is the result? The language becomes weaker and weaker, and the person whose English is weak starts feeling deprived and despondent. What is to be done? A language is to be used only when it has a value. Its value is in meeting a need. If there is no need, then it is a good thing to keep quiet. No communication means there is no value. “The ability to communicate is a basic need of human beings”. Let me say it in another way. Value is inherent in language, and language cannot be preserved without values. We are weak if we have lost values. We need to acquire values. The acquisition of values is the purpose of language. From my point of view, if we are not good at communicating with others, then we are not living a proper life. We are weak. And if we have to live a happy life, then we need to develop our ability to communicate. I want to share my experience on this point. My mother-in-law is very difficult in English. She is very proud of her proficiency in English. But what is the result? Her English is not very efficient in communicating with us. She says and does things which are not right. In other words, she is not very good at communicating with others. Her situation is not that different from yours. You are missing something in your communication. The ability to communicate is a basic need of human beings. The more we learn, the better we are. The more we communicate, the better we are. We need to go a step ahead. We need to keep asking what we want to achieve. We need to find the purpose of our communication with others. This will help us in acquiring values, and as a result we will find out that we have been living a happy life. This is what my mother-in-law’s situation is about. She is not communicating with us because she is not aware of her lack of values. If I were to help her, I would first tell her that she has values. I would first give her confidence and self-esteem. I would first tell her that she has values.




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Fm Method Spoken English Book Free Download

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