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20 Things

Great day loves. I have a great challenge that will impact your life. You are officially challenged to intentionally monitor and write down 20 things that you say out of your mouth in a day.

WHY? Because you must be aware of the world that you are creating. Words hold power! One of the biggest lies told was "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will NEVER HURT."

It's a LIE! Sticks and stones hurt and can cause damage that most likely will repair but those words...OUCH. Sometimes they go so deep that they re-shape your thought pattern, transform how you view yourself or can shut you down altogether. IF words can have an adverse effect on you I believe that they can also create a POWERFUL and IMPACTFUL reality for you. You have the responsibility to first evaluate your speech. Is it leaning more to the positive talk side of the defeated, woe is me side? We want to say what we what to see and speak words of life and victory. We want to de-clutter all the clogged mental spaces and uproot any lies that tries to convince you that you are not EXCELLENT. You are excellent and valuable and we need you.

IF... you hav negative words that caused and identity crisis in your life, you may not realize it. You may just kept pushing but with a fishline tied to your hand, that has been invisible and allowed to puppet your emotions. No more... we cut the fish line and live the abundant life and build our world with our words. ABRACADABRA- you can have what you speak.

1. Evaluate what you are speaking- a list of 20

2. If any negative or pessimistic, counteract it with Positive talk

3. Build a healthy world and experience greater peace.

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